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Sanctuary for Senior Animals

Beyond my healing practice, Orchard Brook Farm is *home to many senior animals. Senior animals are deserving of love and have so much love to give. They have stories to tell if we are willing to listen. It is a selfless act to adopt a senior animal. We provide the very best food, environment, love and care for each of our animals big and small, domestic and livestock, for the rest of their days. Our motto is: One step at a time, Together EVERY step of the way. 

Virginia and Jessica

Sanctuary Sows

Virginia and Pineapple are senior sows. They were age 9 and 6 when they came to find sanctuary here at the farm. Each was saved from slaughter and given a chance to simply be. These gals are intelligent, curious and industrious. Pigs can live well into their teens and we look forward to each day they share with us here at Orchard Brook Farm.

Age In Place Chickens

Doesn't every chicken deserve to retire? We think so. These gals won't win an egg laying competition when compared to conventional breeds, but they are bred to handle our New England weather and are great foragers and love the outdoors. We are proud to offer sanctuary to many hens who have a forever home here at Orchard Brook Farm, even after their prime egg laying days are done. Age In Place gals!

Fleck the hen and her feathered friends
Healing_Dixie_Orchard Brook Farm.jpg

Save a Senior Horse - Dixie's Tale

We answered the call to adopt Dixie, a 28 year old Quarter Horse mare that was rescued by MSPCA Nevins Farm in the fall of 2022, malnourished and hundreds of pounds underweight. Senior horses require special dietary needs and care. Experienced with senior equine rehabilitation, we eagerly adopted Dixie and are proud to see her come to thrive with a diet designed for her senior needs. She joins our other two equine friends, Dickens and Quincy. Go Dixie Go! Follow Dixie's progress...coming soon.

Senior Dogs

We adopt senior dogs on purpose! While their days on this plane may be shorter than we'd like, each day we spend with them matters. Providing home cooked meals, farm-life freedoms, walks that are paced by them (SLOW!), and endless love and affection, we are proud to make every day count for these loving senior pups. Healing, diet and sensory enrichment are our specialties when it comes to end of life care. Every dog deserves the very best for each and every one of their days. Joey and Darwin Scott fill our hearts with love and joy!

Joey is one of the senior pups at Orchard Brook Farm

*The Senior Animal Sanctuary program at Orchard Brook Farm is private, meaning we do not actively accept or seek animal surrenders from the public. We do actively adopt senior animals privately and provide sanctuary based on space, time and resource considerations. If you have an animal to surrender, we recommend contacting your local SPCA or shelter. 

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