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Healing Services & Workshops

In Person and Distance Healing &  Building Trust Workshop for Your Horse and You

Healing supports all equines at every stage of their rehabilitation. I work closely with veterinary care/other practitioners to offer you and your trusted animal companion a complementary and professional service.


As a degreed and practiced equine professional, and as a graduate of the diploma in Equine Healing, I use in-depth consultation, animal husbandry skills, nutrition education and knowledge of environmental factors to help promote wellness and enhance the bonds of love and trust between animal and carer. 


Offering in-person and distant healing sessions as well as trust building workshops, I work to bring services that promote the health of you and your horse and enhance the trust you share.  Learn more about my offerings below.

Introductory Call

A 30 minute Introductory Call is required for all new clients and is FREE of charge. The call offers an opportunity for the client and healer to get to know each other and begin to develop an understanding of how energy healing can help you and your equine friend with your specific goals and concerns in mind. We will assess whether energy healing is the right fit for your equine and you at this time and make a plan for next steps.


This call is as much for you and your horse as it is for me. All questions and/or concerns are welcome. Calls may be held by phone or video conference.

Healing - Horse - Freddy
Healing - Horse - Energy

In-Person Equine Healing

We are all energy and this energy flows through us. When we are unwell either emotionally, physically or mentally our energy can become off balance and blockages can form. Energy healing helps to correct that balance and promote the free-flow of energy through the body. Blockages are removed and the body returns to its natural state of being, activating the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Energy Healing is deeply relaxing for both equines (all animals) and carers. It can help to improve behavioral problems, reduce anxiety and fear, reduce pain and speed recovery time through the release of tension, identify areas of the body where energy flow may be causing physical or emotional symptoms, improve general health and build trust and confidence in the relationships between equine and carer.

For in-person healing sessions for your equine, I come to you. Clients can choose from two levels of healing sessions:
1) The 360 degree Deep Dive, two-part session includes a 360 degree scan of the equine client, looking at all area of the equine's life including past history, environment and diet. Deep Dive sessions include a free intro call, comprehensive intake process (45-60 min), a healing session (typically an hour) and a full, detailed report with thoughtful recommendations following the session.
2) The Relaxation Healing session includes the free intro call, a healing session (typically an hour), and key highlights.

Both types of energy healing sessions can be conducted in a stall or out in the pasture or arena.  

Distance Equine Healing

It is not always possible for me to come to your horse/equine.  Energy has no limits; it is not bound to the physical. Distance healing is based on the premise that energy is universal and we are all one. Distance healing is equally as effective as in-person healing. Using a photograph or arranging a session on-line or on the phone may be a better option for you and your equine. Working with the physical, emotional and mental aspects of the equine and carer I am able to access the energy of the individual and offer relaxing support from the comfort of their own stable/barn. Carers will be asked to be present for a session which will be arranged at a convenient time. Follow up sessions can be arranged without the carer present.

Healing - Race Horse - Energy
Healing - Horse - Energy


All animals are sentient beings. Like us, they feel love, joy, affection, sadness, fear and pain. Not all animals wish to communicate with a healer and instead prefer to simply enjoy the relaxation of the session and the wellness associated with it. Some animals, however, do have something that they want to share and communicate with us through the sharing of thoughts, images or feelings. These forms of communication help provide insight into that animal and how they are feeling and what they may need moving forward.

Beyond intuitive communication, our equine friends are often fantastic physical communicators. Despite this, we humans can miss the messages our horses are trying to relay to us. Using my trained eye, I am able to spot even the most subtle of messages. Physical and intuited communications that are relayed during a session help to clarify the horse's needs. With the carer's permission, messages that result form the session will be passed on to them.

Group Healings &
Herd Meditation Healings

If you are part of, or own a barn, equine facility, boarding stable, shelter, sanctuary, or rescue center and you are interested in engaging me to conduct individual healing services for several equines in your facility (group); or if you are interested in a heard meditation healing session where I work with a herd of horses at one time, please be in touch. I am happy to travel out of state. Rates for these services depend on the scope and specific details related to the request. 

Groups will experience the equivalent of individual in-person healing sessions but I will be working for a day (or more) to provide healing for as many animals as are agreed to by the client. Herd Meditation Healings allow for healing to reach a group of equines who are invited into the healing space I provide and can share in the relaxation with herd mates at their own pace.

Herd Healing Horses
Healing Horses Trust

Building Trust Workshop

Helping our horses to feel listened to and understood promotes a more trusting, mutually beneficial and cooperative relationship between horse and rider.


This workshop, which can be held at your barn or facility, introduces participants to a variety of ways our horses communicate with us and how we can more deeply listen to them, "in their own language". Participants are invited to actively practice new ways of listening to the horses during the program. Interactive activities and demonstrations promote a fun environment to learn these important skills. This is a workshop for all ages. 

The workshop is designed to run for two hours and is priced per attendee. Please use the contact form or email me directly to book this workshop.

Reiki Healing

Human Energy Healing

Often it is the animal who is bringing their carer to me for a healing. Just as our animals benefit from healing, so do we. Our animal friends are very close to us, often offering us unconditional love. Life is busy and sometimes it can feel like too much with the stresses of daily life building up and we can bring these stresses home with us. Our animal friends share our feelings. Just as we are affected when they are unwell or full of anxiety they are affected by our stress and "dis-ease". It is important to take time out and allow your mind and body to relax, restore and rebalance. An energy healing session can help rejuvenate you and support the healthy flow of energy through your body. Take the opportunity to feel what your animal experiences during a healing session. Your animal friend will thank you. Human healings can be done in person or by distance healing. It is non-invasive, gentle and pain free. 

Human Healings include a grounding and relaxation exercise, followed by the energy healing and an oracle card reading. Clients can purchase a single session for $60 (in-person) or $55 (distance).


Client Testimonial

"Jessica had been coming to our barn once a week for about two months to provide healing to a number of our horses. Two of these horses were retired brood mares, Mara and Rose. Constant companions, they had been together for over 5 years. They would constantly call, when not within eyesight of each other. Suddenly, Mara was no longer there, after succumbing to severe impaction colic. Jessica was there for Rose within a day, providing comfort and healing to Rose to ease her through this transition. Jessica’s weekly sessions with Rose gave her the confidence she needed to be on her own, and accept the presence of other horses turned out near her. Jessica’s true healing presence can be demonstrated by Rose no longer pinning her ears at any living being. The guidance Jessica has provided to us for Rose regarding several management aspects including natural supplements for inflammation and sensitive skin issues is immeasurable." - Terri Haire, Barn Manager UMass Equine

Equine Healing Pricing Sheet

FINAL Group and Herd Healing Price Sheet


Demonstrations and Group Healing Sessions:

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