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What Will My Horse Experience? 

What might your equine feel or experience as part of the healing session? Do me a favor and make a fist. Now hold your fist tightly for 30 seconds. Now release your fist. Feel the difference in your body? This feeling of release is what I aim to provide your equine through energy healing work. Ultimately it is the body that does the healing but the work I conduct with your equine provides the body with the right environment in which to heal itself.

Animals share our feelings. Healing work is premised on this belief and it is integrated with and integral to my healing practice and methodology. Most "horse people" and even those with little or no experience with horses have heard something akin to "if you're scared, they'll know...they'll sense it/feel it." This is an almost universal piece of advice told in equine environments. Yet, too often we don't expand this sharing of feelings beyond fear. What this statement is really saying is that the horse will feel what we feel...they will feel our fear. If they can feel our fear, they can also feel our anger, frustration, sadness - and our joy, peace and love.


When experiencing healing work, equines will sometimes exhibit a sleepy eye and lowered head carriage (signs of becoming peaceful). They may yawn or do a shimmy shake (signs of releasing tension). They may scratch or become itchy (feelings coming to the surface). They may lick or mouth (signs of receiving the healing/peace). They may present me with a part of their body that is concerning them or guide me to an area they need support with. I will be looking for these signs and for signs of a peaceful state of mind. Sometimes they can do this quickly and sometimes, it takes multiple sessions. Even a little progress can be profound for the animal.

Following a session, your horse may appear more relaxed and even sleepy. We typically don't advise strenuous exercise following a session. Sessions help the carer to gain insight into their horse's behavior, wants and needs. These insights help to deepen the relationship between you and your horse. Healing can support a calmer demeanor, improved behavior, ease of movement as well promoting a more trust-based connection between you and your equine friend.

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