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How Can Healing Help My Horse?

All animals/equines benefit from healing. It helps in a wide range of physical, emotional and psychological conditions, working holistically on the whole animal, rather than on isolated symptoms. Healing is a natural therapy, promoting calm, trust, peace and deep relaxation.


If your horse is showing signs of stress including weaving, cribbing, pawing or presenting with aggression, irritation or dullness; or if your animal has sustained an injury, energy healing can help.

The veterinarian is always the first contact for any problem related to your horse. Equine healing offers a supplementary and non-replaceable support to veterinary care.

Healing Energy Horse
Healing - Energy Horse
Healing Energy Horse
Healing Equine Energy
Healing Horse Equine Energy

When/Why do I need Energy Healing for my horse and how can it help?

Healing is a journey of discovery towards wellness. Like an onion, there are layers. Energy healing is not a magic cure-all, rather it is a process of supporting our equine friends through trust building, rest and restoration; listening and responding to their voice and their needs. Healing sessions will assist you, the carer, in better understanding your horse’s needs (physical, environmental, social and emotional), illuminating ways in which you can further support them. In the end, it is a team effort, a synergy shared by you, the horse and the healer, which will create the most benefit. 


Equine healing can help with a variety of concerns a carer may have about their equine friend, be it physical, behavioral or emotional. Healing is, at its core, a relaxation therapy which offers time and space for the horse to be deeply listened to and supported, optimizing their ability to heal themselves. Listening to our equine friends helps to build trust between us. During a session, I will be listening with all of my senses, picking up subtle, and not-so-subtle messages from the horse that help me to understand their needs and provide the healing they need because in actuality it it the horse that is the teacher and the healer. Animals know what healing they need and when we really listen to them, we understand when and where they need healing.


Healing sessions help our equine friends to process and recover from daily stresses that are a part of every horse’s life. Healing can also help with concerns including but not limited to:

  • Herd dynamics (presenting as: aggression, depression, lack of confidence)

  • Anxiety (presenting as: ulcers, weaving, stall walking, etc.)

  • Grief and loss (presenting as: depression, dullness, lack of motivation)

  • Transitions (from: re-homing or adoption, new barn, new trainer/rider. Presenting as: anxiety, depression, etc.)

  • Separation anxiety (presenting as: calling, pacing, stall walking, weaving)

  • Confidence/Fear (presenting as: aggression, limitations in performance, bolting, balking, etc.)

  • Appetite (change in appetite, inappetence, etc.)

  • Injury (old or new)

Real Life Client Example: 

Tom Hawk (Tom) is a spotted draft in his teens. His carer was in touch with me about healing as she had been feeling disconnected from him and concerned about his mood, sensing he felt discontent and witnessing a shift in his physical behavior, which had grown in tension. 

During our first session together, Tom went very peaceful, desiring healing in his heart and throat chakras in particular. I picked up on a lack of confidence and a level of anxiety that he was experiencing. The intake process allowed me to understand his recent transitions of ownership and home. It also provided me with insight as to his work schedule, which had decreased, and time limitations on the part of the carer. 

Through the session, I was able to provide Tom with a deeper understanding that 1) his home was with his carer, that no matter where he went next, she would be with him always 2) the lack of work was not a reflection on him (age anxiety) but rather a time restriction of his carer. I provided healing to his heart, sending love and confidence. I provided healing and communication to the throat chakra, relaying messages of support, love and trust. I was able to ground his energies which support him in coping with his recent transitions. He processed a good deal during the session, becoming deeply relaxed and releasing tension evidenced through shimmy shakes, yawns, restful eye, chin and face muscles, etc. 


Following up with the carer, she was able to more deeply understand that because we share feelings with our animals, her anxiety around not having time to work with Tom, was translating into him having anxiety and a lack of confidence around not being worked. Knowing he wouldn’t be at this new location forever, resulted in his lack of confidence that he was indeed in a forever home with her. Following the session, she relayed back to me that she felt much more connected to Tom and that their working relationship had improved tremendously. She better understood how her feelings impacted him and was able to put in place a habit of “communicating” with him more clearly, which has helped him to feel listened to, build his confidence, lessen his anxiety and deepen their connection. But don’t take my word for it. 


Client Testimonial:

“I feel that we were both positively impacted by the healing session and it helped me set a new tone in myself with Tom. I feel we’ve rounded a corner and it feels amazing and I’m grateful to you for helping me with him. Things feel really good between us. After the healing session, I noticed Tom seemed more at ease and happy to be out working. I assured him he has plenty of work to do but also that as he ages and moves into lighter work stages of life, that he is not going anywhere... that he will always have value and a home with me; that he is part of my family and I am part of his. He feels super relaxed and easy going. The healing felt super supportive for both of us. Tom and I are feeling more at ease and connected with each other. Thank you.“ 

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