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Guest Speaker

Interested in learning more about energy healing and other healing modalities that can benefit your horse's health and foster a deeper, more connected and mutually beneficial relationship between you and your horse? Do you have a group or club that you think would be interested in understanding more about how healing works?

I offer a one hour long presentation which introduces audiences to the three healing modalities that I primarily work in. Typically a demonstration follows the speaking event, which is designed to engage the audience. Speaking fees are determined depending on the event specifics.

If you are interested in booking a guest speaking event with me, I hope you'll be in touch.


“Jessica recently came out to our farm to do a “horse behaviors and trust building work” session with our group of lesson students. Her fun, hands-on activities and ease of presenting information captured our 12 and under crowd for about 2 hours! Everyone who attended left with some good insight as to how to more positively interact with our horses. What a great asset to our equine community and we definitely plan for her to visit again to do some one-on-one season with our resident horses.”

Katie Porta, owner of Tavalon Farm in Canandaigua, NY


“Colonial Carriages and Driving Society was thrilled to have Jessica as our guest speaker recently at our monthly club meeting. All attendees thought the talk was very interesting and educational…The session was very informative, interesting, and also included a “hands on demo”.  We highly recommend Jessica and energy healing to be a part of your Equine Program.”

Maureen Gamelli, Vice President, Colonial Carriages and Driving Society

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